How To Fix Common Stihl MS 193 T Problems In Just Minutes

The STIHL MS 193 T is one of the most preferred chainsaws among users because of its compact design, excellent performance, and lightweight. These models of chainsaws have many features that set them apart from other brands or models.

These chainsaws come with many other useful features, including easy start, anti-vibration, and fuel efficiency. Also, users may notice some minor problems while using these chainsaw models, which sometimes frustrate the user.

stihl ms 193 t problems

But the good thing is, if you can identify these problems correctly, then it will be very easy for you to solve them. As a result, your work will not be interrupted and you can manage your work uninterruptedly.

In this article, I will discuss some common Stihl MS 193 T problems and their solutions. I strongly believe this writing will benefit you if you are a chainsaw user. Let’s get started.

Stihl MS 193T Problems and Quick Table

Stihl MS 193T Problems And Fixes Quick Table

I’ll list the common problems of the Stihl MS 193T through a chart with the necessary steps. If you are even a mid-level experienced chainsaw user, this chart will be useful for you.

Stihl MS 193 T Problems Quick Fixes
Not starting Clean the carburetor, air filter, and spark plug. Check out the ignition coil as well.
Choke to start Replace the carburetor.
Bars and chains are not being lubricated Remove any blockage in the oil hole and oil line. Adjust the oiler.
Oil leakage Replace the oil line and O ring.
The chain comes out from the bar Adjust the proper chain tension by turning the tension screw.
Dies under load Replace the air filter and spark plug. Clean and adjust the carburetor accurately.
Not idling Repair and adjust the carburetor and clean the air filter as well.

7 Common Problems With The Stihl MS193 T Chainsaw And How To Fix Them

Although the Stihl MS 193 is an excellent chainsaw, there are a few minor issues you may notice while working. These problems can occur not only with this chainsaw model but with any chainsaw. Let’s know in detail what these common problems are and how to solve them.

Problem 1: Not Starting

You want to start the chainsaw, but it won’t start. This is a very frustrating situation, especially for a new user. This problem is more noticeable in older chainsaws.

Not Starting


A malfunctioning carburetor, dirty air filter, or faulty ‍spark plug can be to blame. A not starting problem can occur even if there is a problem with the ignition module.

How To Fix:

To solve the not starting problem, first, check if the spark plug in the chainsaw is working. If not, clean or replace the plug. Also, clean the air filter thoroughly.

Check if there is a problem with the ignition module. Take necessary action or replace the ignition module. Clean the carburetor and adjust it well.

Problem 2: Choke To Start

If the chainsaw won’t start, many times we start using a choke. Although the choke starts the chainsaw, sometimes stops by itself. This is an annoying problem and causes hindrances to work.

Choke To Start


A faulty carburetor is usually to blame for this type of problem. If there is a problem with the carburetor, it cannot supply the fuel as required. As a result, abnormal amounts of fuel and air enter the combustion chamber. Therefore, we need to use the choke many times to start and the chainsaw stops automatically.

How To Fix:

Here, replacing the carburetor is the best solution. Also, fix any problems with the fuel filter or fuel line. Before replacing the carburetor, you can try to fix it by cleaning and adjusting it. Below video may help you to understand chainsaw engine choke and its working.

Problem 3: Bars And Chains Are Not Being Lubricated

A chainsaw’s bar and chain need to be properly lubricated for smooth cutting. Just as over-lubricating a chain causes waste, under-lubrication can cause a variety of problems, including kickback.

Bars And Chains Are Not Being Lubricated


Usually, the primary cause of this problem is the blockage of the oil line or oil hole because of the accumulation of dirt. This problem can also occur if any part of the oiling system, especially the worm gear or oiler, is not working properly.

How To Fix:

To solve the problem of the bar and chain not being lubricated, first clean the oil lines and oil holes thoroughly. Now run the chainsaw and see if the oiling system is working.

If the bar and chain are still not lubricated, check that the worm gear is good. Replace it if there is a problem. Clean, reset, and adjust the oiler well.

Problem 4: Oil leakage

Have you ever noticed that the area where you left the chainsaw is wet? This is what you will see if the chainsaw is leaking oil. Oil leakage is a major cause of wastage and interferes with the normal operation of the chainsaw.

Oil leakage


Old, worn and cracked oil lines are mostly to blame for oil leakage problems. Many times, the oil line ends and rings may not work properly if they are old. Oil leakage can also occur from here.

How To Fix:

Replace the oil line. Check if the O-ring is old, or if there is a possibility of oil leakage through it. O-rings are available for purchase separately. If they have problems, replace the O-rings as well.

Problem 5: The Chain Comes Out From The Bar

A chain jumping out of a moving chainsaw is a dangerous phenomenon and can lead to accidents. This problem is rare and any chainsaw, including the Stihl MS 193T, can cause this problem as it gets older.

The Chain Comes Out From The Bar


A chain can come out of a chainsaw bar for several reasons. Notable among these are drive sprocket aging, bar heel is worn, Bar Rails decaying and chain tension not being correct. But in most cases, a worn chain is to blame.

How To Fix:

You need to repair drive sprockets, bar heels, or bar rails. If you have an option, replace these parts of the chainsaw. Replace the chain when it is too old. Maintain proper chain tension. It should never be too tight or too loose.

Problem 6: Dies Under Load

Have you ever had your chainsaw stop working under a heavy load? Chainsaws are not as effective with this type of problem. Using a chainsaw in this situation requires you to spend a lot of time completing the job.

Dies Under Load


Chainsaw die under load problems can occur for several reasons. This problem basically occurs if the required amount of fuel and air is not getting into the combustion chamber. A bad carburetor, dirty air filter, or blockages in the fuel line are some culprits.

However, dirt accumulation in the spark plug and not using fuel and oil mixtures according to the correct ratio can also cause this problem.

How To Fix:

Replace the chainsaw’s air filter and spark plug to fix dies under load problems. You need to pay special attention to the carburetor. Repair the carburetor if there is any problem, and replace it if necessary.

Since an insufficient amount of fuel reaching the combustion chamber causes this problem, cleanse the fuel filter and fuel. Be sure to use the fuel and oil mixture as per the recommended ratio.

Problem 7: Poor Idling

Is your chainsaw stalling at idle or running at abnormal RPMs at idle? This is a very annoying problem when you have to pull the starter rope repeatedly to start the chainsaw. Because of this, it hampered your normal work.

Poor Idling


Dirty air filters and poorly adjusted carburetors are to blame for this problem. In this situation, the required fuel and air do not reach the combustion chamber or are not in the right ratio.

How To Fix:

Replace the air filter to solve this problem. Clean the fuel filter, fuel lines, and carburetor. Adjust the carburetor well.

Things To Keep In Mind With The Stihl MS193 T Chainsaw Maintenance

Things To Keep In Mind With The Stihl MS193 T Chainsaw Maintenance

I would like to share some tips here that you can follow to keep your Stihl MS 193 T Chainsaw more efficient.

  • A dirt or carbon deposit on the spark plug prevents the chainsaw from starting. Clean the spark plugs regularly.
  • The air filter plays an important role in keeping the chainsaw running smoothly at idle and improving throttle response. Replace the air filter at regular intervals.
  • Clean the fuel filter occasionally, and replace it if possible.
  • A carburetor is a very important part of a combustion engine. Keep the carburetor clean and properly adjusted.
  • Always use the correct ratio of fuel and oil mixture.
  • The muffler has a role to play in making the exhaust system work well. You should always keep the muffler clean.

User Feedback Regarding Stihl MS 193 T

User Feedback Regarding Stihl MS 193 T

User feedback gives us a better understanding of a device and its problems. I would like to mention two user responses here. Knowing what they say will help you maintain your chainsaw better.

A user reported that he has been using the Stihl MS 193 T chainsaw for less than 1 year. Although his chainsaw starts fine in the morning, it has trouble starting during the day. Also, whenever he gives it gas, the engine dies.

He is relatively inexperienced, so he is a bit confused about this problem. He also stated that he tried to solve the problem by adjusting the carburetor only, but was unsuccessful.

Another user reported that this chainsaw has very little room for breadcrumbs. Chainsaw’s low jet seemed too rich to him. Therefore, he tried fine-tuning the carburetor.

Although he is not an expert in adjusting carburetors, he did it successfully, albeit with a bit more time. Now his chainsaw runs smoothly and has no problems.

Common Queries About Stihl MS 193 T

There are many chainsaw users who ask some common questions about the Stihl MS 193 T, especially novice users. I am now answering some of these questions. Check it out, maybe you have also a question like this in between!

How Many CC Is A Stihl 193 T?

The Stihl MS 193 Chainsaw has a 30.1 Cc engine that produces around 1300 W of power. This petrol-powered chainsaw is ideal for both professional and casual users.

What Is The Suitable Stihl MS 193 T Bar And Chain Size?

This chainsaw model has a mid-powerful engine. That’s why the company recommends using a 12 to 16-inch guide bar and chain in these chainsaws.

What Years Was The Stihl MS 193 T Manufactured?

The Stihl MS 193 chainsaw model has been in production since 2014. The chainsaw model is still in production today.

How Much Does A Stihl MS 193 T Cost?

A Stihl MS 193 Chainsaw can cost you around $369.95. Considering the features, functionality, and other factors, this price will surely not be too much for you!

When To Take Your Stihl MS 193 T Chainsaw To A Specialist?

In general, you won’t need to take a Stihl MS 193 chainsaw to a specialist very often. Most of the time, there are minor problems you can fix yourself. Anyway, if you are a new user and have a complex problem with the engine, ignition module, or carburetor, it is wise to take it to a specialist.

Final Thoughts

The company has added various modern features to this model to make the Stihl MS 193 Chainsaw highly functional. You rarely have to face any complicated problems to use these models. That’s why these chainsaw models are the top choice of both novice and experienced users.

However, like any type of machine, users face some minor problems while using the Stihl MS 193. Although the problems are not at all complicated and you can solve them easily, in case of novice users, these issues can confuse them.

I’ve discussed the common problems that can occur with these chainsaws and their effective solutions in detail. Keeping these things in mind should not be a problem for you to continue working uninterrupted. Still, if you experience any problems, don’t hesitate to let us know.

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