Stihl MS 211 Problems: How To Diagnose And Fix Them Quickly

The Stihl MS 211 can be an excellent tool for getting most jobs done with a single chainsaw. The company has added a lot of essential features to this chainsaw to design it as user-friendly. Notable features include kickback protection, a built-in safety guard, a pre-separation air filtration system, a low-emission engine, etc.

While ergonomically designed chainsaws offer many benefits, these also have some issues. If you cannot properly investigate and resolve these issues, it may hinder your uninterrupted operations.

In this article, I will talk about all the problems of MS 211. I will describe here the potential causes of these issues and simple ways to solve them. If you use a chainsaw of this model or planning to buy one of them, then this writing is for you. Let’s get started.

stihl ms 211 problems

Quick Table Of Stihl MS 211 Problems and Fixes

Stihl MS 211 Problems Fixes
Loose chain Adjust the tension every 15 minutes while the machine is running.
Poor cuts Check that the blades are installed correctly, and sharpen the blades if necessary.
Starting problems Clean the carburetor properly.
Starts and then stops again Replace the air filter and spark plug.
The muffler and cylinder get extremely hot Clean dust and debris, especially the air inlet valve.
Oiling Problem Clean the oil hole or hoses if there is any blockage, and also check whether the worm gear is working.
Engine idling Clean the air filter or replace it if possible.
Keeps bogging down Clean the air filter, spark plug, and carburetor.
Flooding issue Adjust well after cleaning the carburetor. Replace with a new one if possible.
No spark Check the ignition module and spark plug, and replace them if necessary.

Common 10 Stihl MS 211 Problems And How To Fix Them

Most of the problems that arise with a Stihl MS 211 chainsaw aren’t particularly complicated. You can solve these problems with little effort. Here, I will discuss 10 common problems and their solutions in detail in this chainsaw.

Problem 1: Loose Chain

Loose chain problems are fairly common with chainsaws. While working, you may notice many times that the chain is not as tight as it should be with the bar. A loose chain can slip off the guide bar or cause a kickback.

Loose Chain


This problem can occur if you do not adjust the chain tension well. Also, when you operate a chainsaw continuously for long periods of time, the chain heats up, and the metal expands. This is one of the reasons for chain loosening.

How To Fix:

Adjust chain tension after every 15 minutes of chainsaw operation. Turn the tensioning screw using a flat-head screwdriver to adjust the tension. Adjust the tension properly when the saw is hot as well as cold.

Problem 2: Poor Cut

Have you ever tried to cut something with a chainsaw but it just doesn’t go right? Such problems can occur when the chainsaw is old. It’s not a problem to be upset about.

Poor Cut


Dull or worn blades are usually to blame for poor cuts. At some point in the chainsaw’s use, the blades lose their sharpness and cannot cut as per your requirement. This type of problem can occur if the blades are not installed properly.

How To Fix:

To solve the poor cut problem, you must first verify that the blades are installed in the right manner. Sharpen them if you find these blades dull. But replacing the blades may be a better solution.

Problem 3: Starting Problem

Not starting with enough fuel in the tank is common with many chainsaws, especially during the winter. Here, we may have to try again and again to start it, which is sometimes quite annoying.

Starting Problem


Several reasons can cause starting problems. But the common problem is not cleaning the carburetor for a long time. Many times, the fuel accumulated in the chainsaw’s carburetor becomes thick and sticky. This sticky fuel evaporates and sticks to the wall and prevents the engine from starting.

How To Fix:

Clean the chainsaw’s carburetor thoroughly to solve no-start problems. Also, check the spark plugs and ignition module. Fix or replace if there are any problems.

Problem 4: Starts Then Stops Again

If the chainsaw starts and stops again, especially when idling, it hinders continuous operation. Also, starting the chainsaw repeatedly will not be a pleasant experience.

Starts Then Stops Again


In most cases, a blocked air filter is a cause of this problem. If various dirt or debris blocks the air filter, it cannot supply enough air to the engine. Because of this, the engine does not run smoothly and stops frequently.

How To Fix:

To fix this problem, you need to replace the air filter. The carburetor’s low-speed screw also needs to be adjusted. By completing these two tasks, you can solve the self-stopping problem of the chainsaw.

Problem 5: The Muffler And Cylinder Get Extremely Hot

The mufflers and cylinders get very hot and made chainsaws quite difficult to use. With some chainsaws, these parts get hot in a short time. As a result, you cannot use it for a long time.

The Muffler And Cylinder Get Extremely Hot


A muffler and cylinder can overheat faster for several reasons. Among these, the significant reasons are not using the fuel and oil combination according to the recommended ratio, the cooling system not working properly, and dust & dirt jamming.

How To Fix:

You need to take several initiatives to solve this problem. Monitor your chainsaw’s cooling system. If it does not work, then take the necessary action. It is very important to clean the air inlet valve if it is dirty. Use company-recommended fuel and oil mixture.

Problem 6: Oiling Problem

The chainsaw bar and chain oiling system need to work properly when making continuous cuts. If this system does not work, several other problems can arise, including kickbacks.

Oiling Problem


Causes of oiling system failure include clogging of oil holes, blockages in oil lines, wear of worm gear, and many others. Sometimes this problem can also be caused by a problem with the oiler.

How To Fix:

First, you must clean the chainsaw’s oil hole and oil line to fix an oiling problem. Then adjust the oiler screw at the bottom of the chainsaw for proper oil flow. If the problem persists, you may need to replace the oiler.

Problem 7: Engine Idling

Engine idle problems can be quite frustrating for a new operator. This type of problem causes the chainsaw to idle after the engine starts. You cannot use the chainsaw for cutting.

Engine Idling


Wood dust usually causes this problem or dirt stuck in various parts of the chainsaw. Most of the time tucked dirt in the air filter creates this problem.

How To Fix:

To solve the engine idling problem, you need to cleanse the air filter along with cleaning other parts of the chainsaw. Anyway, replacing the air filter is the best solution in this case.

Problem 8: Keeps Bogging Down

A chainsaw that has not been used for a long time or is not properly maintained can develop problems, such as bogging down while running. This problem causes the chainsaw to hesitate or run erratically when you press the throttle.

Keeps Bogging Down


If the ratio of fuel and air supplied to the engine is not correct, bogging down problems usually occur. Also, faulty electrical systems, blocked ventilation, etc. can also be responsible for this problem.

How To Fix:

To fix the bogging down problem, you need to adjust the carburetor. You need to have some experience in this field. Also, you need to clean the air filter and the spark plug and replace them if necessary.

Problem 9: Flooding Issue

If there is a flooding issue, your chainsaw will have trouble starting. In this condition, you will smell fresh fuel near the muffler. The flooding issue hampers your start of work.

Flooding Issue


Flooding issues usually occur when the fuel overloads and fills the combustion chamber. Where there is no room for oxygen in the combustion chamber. Insufficient compression or a poorly adjusted carburetor can cause you to encounter this problem.

How To Fix:

You will need to replace the faulty part of the chainsaw to restore compression. It can be one or more valves, gaskets, pistons, or camshafts. Clean and adjust the carburetor properly or replace it if possible.

Pull the starter rope several times to release the accumulated fuel in the combustion chamber. Next, use a mixture of fuel and oil ratio according to the recommendation for your chainsaw.

Problem 10: No Spark

Have you ever tried to start a chainsaw, but the engine is not responding? If the spark plug in the chainsaw does not produce sparks, the engine of the chainsaw will usually not start.

No Spark


A no-spark problem occurs when the spark plug is damaged because of excessive carbon buildup or burnt electrodes. However, a fault in the ignition module can also cause this problem.

How To Fix:

First, check if the spark plug works or not. If not, replace it with a new spark plug and check again. If the problem persists, then the problem is with the ignition module. In that case, you need to repair or replace the ignition module. The video below will help you further in this regard.

Why Is It Important To Know About Stihl MS 211 Problems And Solutions?

Important To Know About Stihl MS 211 Problems And Solutions

It’s important to diagnose and troubleshoot not just the Stihl MS 211, but any tool you operate. A part of a tool can deteriorate during operation for many reasons. This stops your continuous work instantly.

If you have proper knowledge of how to troubleshoot your chainsaw properly, you can easily figure out why this isn’t working. So it is not a problem for you to repair the chainsaw and get the chainsaw working again. This saves you time as well as ensures continuity of work.

Also, if you have an idea of what kind of problem the Stihl MS 211 might happen, it will help you in maintenance. You can keep the machine more efficient and useful for a long time by doing the necessary maintenance of certain parts.

Tips To Prevent The Stihl MS 211 Chainsaw Problems

Tips To Prevent Stihl MS 211 Chainsaw Problems

All chainsaws experience some problems while using them, and the Stihl MS211 is no exception. Chainsaws can develop problems while operating or when left unused. I would like to share some tips here that can prevent many problems with your chainsaw.

  • Store the chainsaw by cleaning it after each use. This practice will prevent dirt build-up or rust on various parts of the chainsaw.
  • Do not run the chainsaw continuously for long periods of time, but after running for 15 minutes, turn it off for some time.
  • While operating, observe whether the oiler works properly. Adjust the oiler if any problem occurs.
  • Replace accessories such as air filters, spark plugs, or fuel filters at regular intervals.
  • Be sure to use company-recommended fuel and oil mixture ratios.
  • Empty the fuel tank when storing the chainsaw for long periods of time.

User Feedback Regarding The Stihl MS 211

User Feedback Regarding The Stihl MS 211

We notice mixed reactions from almost all chainsaw users. Many of them like these chainsaws very much, while others point out various problems with them. I would like to mention here the feedback of two users of Stihl MS 211.

One user reported that he has been using this model of chainsaw for about 5 years. Among the many features of this chainsaw, the anti-vibration technology plays a very helpful role. The lightness of its guide bar makes the chainsaw easier to handle in different conditions.

He also stated that the chainsaw chain would sometimes travel over the clutch and get stuck between the teeth. Although he can easily fix it by adjusting the chain, he finds it a little frustrating because of the repeated occurrences.

Another user who is a construction worker said the Stihl MS 211 is an excellent chainsaw that starts every single pull. According to this 65-year-old user, this chainsaw is ideal for a mature female farmer. But he recommends cleaning the chainsaw regularly.

Frequently Asked Question

How Many CC Is a Stihl MS 211?

The Stihl MS 211 chainsaw has a mid-power engine of 35.2 cc that produces 2.3 bhp of power. A homeowner can use this model of chainsaw for any kind of cutting work. It is also a preferred chainsaw model for many professionals.

Why Do Stihl MS 211 Experience Carburetor Problems?

Dirt and improper ratio of fuel and oil mixtures cause carburetor problems on almost all chainsaws, not just the Stihl MS 211. Carburetor problems can occur frequently if you do not clean the fuel filter regularly and use the ratio of fuel and oil mixture recommended by the company.

Is It Difficult To Adjust The Carburetor Of The Stihl MS 211?

No, the Stihl MS 211 carburetor is easy to adjust, just like any other chainsaw. Adjusting a chainsaw’s carburetor requires some experience. If you are a complete newbie, it is better to take help from an experienced person.

Final Words

Stihl is a well-known and trusted name in the world of chainsaws. If you are a Stihl chainsaw user, you know that it rarely causes problems. The problems you face are very simple and can be solved easily.

I’ve covered almost every type of problem a Stihl MS 211 can have here. I believe the article will help you work tirelessly by solving minor problems yourself. If you have further questions, feel free to inform us.

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