Electric Vs Gas Chainsaw – Which Tool Is Best For The Project

Electric Vs Gas Chainsaw

Chainsaws are able to do quick work on projects which may take all day with a hand saw with many advantages, they are one of the most useful tools. But, when it’s time to buy one, you will face a lot of options. From where picking up only one is a very difficult task to do. So, before you get to choose between the many designs out there, you should first need to understand whether to go for an electric chainsaw or the gas one. Both types can perform with better accuracy and are almost the same popular. But, they are different according to their use and budget. To help you assess the chainsaw that suits your particular needs, here we compare the electric vs gas chainsaw. We will highlight the features, advantages, disadvantages, uses that come with each individual type. Let’s have a good look into this matter!

Electric chainsaws are an attractive tool that can save energy with little maintenance. They are used by the suburban homeowners who are not comfortable with the gas engines.

And with outstanding cutting power, they are perfect for basic yard work. With minimal noise, they do not need any fuel. But these saws may not be perfect for any large projects. They struggle to cut larger branches of trees. On the other hand, a gas chainsaw is a perfect option for cutting the larger branches of trees. With having a longer running time, it can perform the cutting job. Only you need to refuel. But these saws are heavier, not easy to carry and transport. Knowing more about the advantages and disadvantages of the electric vs gas chainsaw will help you to determine easily which style is best for you.

Electric Vs Gas Chainsaw: Details Comparison

Electric Chainsaw Features:

electric chainsaw

Electric chainsaw are two types of corded and cordless versions. Both operate the exact way of driving the chain. The power of these saws is the main difference between them. Corded chainsaws need electricity from the electrical outlet. Whereas, cordless chainsaws require the power of batteries. Electric chainsaws are powered by electrical motors that don’t have any moving parts like any gas engine. An armature will convert the electrical power into mechanical power in a form of torque. And the torque is shifted to the shaft inside of the chainsaw which is causing the chain to rotate around the guide bar.

Gas Chainsaw Features:

gas chainsaw

Gas chainsaws are available in 2-cycle and 4-cycle types. The main difference you have to know between these two is that 4-cycle chainsaws don’t require oil or gas mix. Because it contains two separate tanks for fuel like oil and gasoline. On the other side,2-cycle chainsaws need to mix oil with the gasoline while pouring it into a tank for feeding the engine. This fuel mixture can lubricate the engine components properly. In gas chainsaws, the fuel strokes through the carburetor for mixing with the air. The air or fuel mixture will pass into a cylinder. Inside of the cylinder, the air or fuel mixture is ignited by the spark plug. While the air or fuel mixture begins to burn, it will release energy which pushes the piston backward and forwards. A connecting crank and rod will transform the motion of this piston to circular motion. A drive shaft will take the power to the radiating clutch. The radiating clutch will connect the engine of the chain concluded sprockets which cause it to rotate around the guide bar.

Advantages Of Electric Chainsaw:

  • They’re compact and lightweight, allowing them easy to carry.
  • They don’t produce any sound as the gas chainsaws.
  • They don’t need gasoline. Therefore, don’t produce any smell.
  • Easily start by touching a button.
  • Electric chainsaws are used for cutting the trees, trimming the limbs, cutting small materials, and any other cutting tasks.
  • Easy maintenance because no fuel to mix, no filters to clean, or no engine parts to put oiled.
  • Easy to store. Just turn it off. Then unplug it and keep this aside.
  • Corded electric saws are cheaper than the gas chainsaws. But battery chainsaws are almost the same price as the gas chainsaws.
  • Corded electric saws running time has no limit as long as they are plugging in. While cordless saws have limited running time.Because of the battery charge.

Disadvantages Of Electric Chainsaw:

  • They don’t have the bar length and lack of power for cutting down any large trees. With the longest blade of these chainsaws are 18 inches in size.
  • Cutting slower than the gas chainsaws. Therefore, they are good to use for cutting the smaller size trees and light landscaping.
  • They are not perfect for any heavy-duty jobs. Corded electric chainsaws are restricted by the length of the cord. So, you can not bring them far. Although, battery-operated one is not limited by their distance.
  • Battery-powered saws last only as long as the charge of the battery sustains, which is usually around twenty mins to one hour or more.

Advantages Of Gas Chainsaw:

  • They’re perfect for the heavy-duty task and can handle any work like trimming, cutting down any large trees, slicing up the firewoods, etc.
  • They have a longer blade that lengths around 72 inches.
  • Can cut anything faster and easier than the corded chainsaws.
  • They’re absolutely mobile. Therefore, you can use them anywhere. They’re not restricted in distance like the corded electric chainsaw.
  • If you have enough fuel, they can run all day long.

Disadvantages Of Gas Chainsaw:

  • Much heavier rather than the electric chainsaws. So, they can be difficult to handle for prolonged periods of time.
  • They always need to be refueling. So, you have to carry the fuel around with you during cutting.
  • They require a particular mixture of oil and fuel if it is a 2-cycle one.
  • They can blow out smoke and emit the smell.
  • They’re very loud. Thus operators should always wear hearing protection for avoiding any kind of hearing damage.
  • They’re more expensive than electric chainsaws.
  • They need routine engine maintenance to keep them working properly.
  • They use the cord for pulling starts. This can be hard to do while the engine becomes older.


So, this is all about the discussion of electric vs gas chainsaw. We hope this post will be able to give you enough ideas about these tools. Electric chainsaws are easier to carry because of the smaller size. But they are not suitable for cutting any large trees. Because of the lack of stamina and power. Therefore, if you want to cut any big trees, a gas saw is the best option. Although, if your project is tiny, an electric saw can be the right one. You don’t have to worry about fuel. Moreover, you should buy the perfect one accordingly!

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