15 Most Common Echo CS-310 Problems and Quick Fix

ECHO CS-310 is one of the best chainsaws offering you quick-start and seamless cuts, top-quality air filters, a professional-grade engine, and much more for perfect performance.

But sometimes it shows problems like it doesn’t start, it stalls at times, oil leaking issues occur, shows performance issues, has chain tension problems or it overheats. All these problems greatly affect its performance and keep you worried.

But no worries! I have come up with some easy and quick solutions to fix these issues. To increase the productivity of your machine, it is very important to inspect and manage the technical issues as soon as possible.

echo cs 310 problem

To know how to troubleshoot ECHO CS-310 chainsaw problems, keep reading this article.

Overview of All Common ECHO CS-310 Chainsaw Problems

Stihl ECHO CS-310 Problems Quick Solutions
Spark plug issues Check and replace the spark plug
Flooded engine let it sit for some time for fuel to evaporate
Fuel system problems Clean and replace the dirty carburetor, clogged fuel filter, and use fresh fuel
Carburetor issues Use the cleaner spray to clean the carburetor
Clogged air filter Clean or replace the air filter once every year
Fuel line problems Check the fuel filter, remove it, and then clean it
Improper chain adjustment Adjust the adjustment screws accordingly
Worn-out chain Replace the chain with a new one
Sprocket wear and tear Inspect regularly or replace the sprocket if the wear limit crosses 0.5mm
Clogged cooling fins Clean the cooling fins with a soft brush.
Dull chain  Sharpen your chain or replace it.
Incorrect fuel mixture Use the correct fuel-to-oil ratio of 50:1
Damaged oil pump Take the engine to the technician or replace it with a new oil pump
Clogged oil ports Clean the oil ports with an air compressor
Oil cap issues Look out for clogged oil cap, clean them, and avoid over-filling of the oil tank

Common ECHO CS-310 chainsaw problems and their issues

Problem 1: Spark plug issues

Due to the weakened electrode and carbon buildup, the spark plug gets damaged with time which prevents your CS-310 from starting.

Spark Plug issues

Quick fix

Check your spark plug with the help of an ignition tester for any damage or wear and tear. If you find any damage, replace the spark plug for smooth operation.

Problem 2: Flooded engine

Another reason for your ECHO CS-310 to not start is the flooding of its engine. This means there is too much fuel in the engine with no room for air to mix which is necessary to create a combustible mixture. A flooded engine will make the spark plug wet and prevent it to ignite the gas.

Flooded engine

Quick fix

The most simple way to unflood your engine is to let it sit for some time so that some of the fuel evaporate on its own. If this method fails, then follow these simple steps:

  • Remove the spark plug from your chainsaw. Check and dry it.
  • Check the air filter to ensure it is not clogged.
  • Set the Choke to off and clear the fuel by pulling the starter cord at least 20 times.
  • Reinstall both the spark plug and air filter.
  • Engage the chain brake and start your ECHO CS-310.

Problem 3: Fuel system problem

Last time I get the same problem with my two-year-old CS-310, it just won’t start in any way. When I inspect my machine, I came to know my fuel was not properly delivered to the engine. This can either be caused by a dirty carburetor, faulty fuel lines, or bad/stale fuel.

Fuel system problems

Quick fix

If you want to avoid such fuel system problems, follow the recommended maintenance intervals as specified by the manufacturer. Clean and replace the dirty carburetor, and clogged fuel filter and use fresh fuel with the correct fuel-to-oil ratio.

Problem 4: Clogged carburetor

If the fuel is left in the tank for a longer time, the thick and stickier residue can cause restriction in the carburetor. This will result in poor fuel delivery causing the engine to idle poorly.

Clogged carburetor

Quick fix

Keep your carburetor clean to avoid such problems. Follow these simple steps to clean and wash your carburetor:

  • First, clean the air filter thoroughly.
  • Use a carburetor cleaner spray and clean all its air intake components.
  • Clean and wash the needle valves of your carburetor.
  • Pull your ECHO CS-310 pull cord and then drain the old fuel and add fresh to the tank.

Problem 5: Clogged air filter

If your air filter is used for over a year, it is most likely to be clogged. The dirty air filter will restrict the normal airflow to the engine causing it to stall.

Clogged air filter

Quick fix

Clean the air filter regularly and I would suggest to better replace it with a new one once a year.

Problem 6: Fuel line issues

A clean fuel filter is important to regulate the constant fuel flow to the engine and also filter dust and debris to enter. Bad or old fuel can clog the fuel filter and promote dust to enter the fuel lines causing them to block.

Fuel line issues

Quick fix

Check the fuel filter for any damage and clogging. Remove and clean it and if required replace it with a new one.

Problem 7: Improper chain adjustment

One cause of chain tension issues is the improper adjustment of the chain. If the chain is not adjusted correctly on both sides of the guide bar, it results in uneven chain tension causing damage to the chain.

Improper chain adjustment

Quick fix

As a regular user, I often check the chain and adjust it if required after following the instructions given by the manufacturer. Locate the adjustment screws on your chainsaw and turn them in a clockwise direction to tighten and anticlockwise direction to loosen.

Problem 8: Worn-out chain

If you are using the ECHO CS-310 for quite some time, your chain may become stretched because of wear and tear. This will affect the chain tension and it becomes uneven and loose.

Worn-out chain

Quick fix

If you find out that your chain has worn out, replace it with a new one to ensure the safe operation of the ECHO CS-310.

Problem 9: Sprocket wear and tear

A worn-out sprocket occurs due to the prolonged use and maladjustment of the chain. A damaged sprocket will not rotate causing the chainsaw’s chain to become loose or tight.

Sprocket wear and tear

Quick fix

If you have reached the wear limit of 0.5mm, it is advised to change the sprocket immediately. I recommend you regularly inspect the condition of your sprocket using a control gauge.

Problem 10: Clogged cooling fins

Cooling fins are located on the engine and help to dissipate heat from the engine preventing it from getting overheated. But if they get clogged, it restricts airflow and results in overheating of your chainsaw.

Clogged cooling fins

Quick fix

Clean the cooling fins with the help of a soft toothbrush or a paintbrush. And if you think it needs to be replaced, take the cylinder cover off and replace it.

Problem 11: Dull chain

If your chainsaw isn’t sharp enough dull, it will take longer and more power to cut. As more force is required, the motor needs to work more powerfully resulting in overheating.

Dull chain

Quick fix

Check the condition of the chain regularly and look for any sign of a dull chain. Sharpen your chain whenever it seems dull.

Read: How to Sharpen a Chainsaw with a Dremel.

Problem 12: Incorrect oil-fuel mixture

The engine of your chainsaw requires the correct fuel-to-oil ratio to run properly as this mixture serves as a lubricant for the pistons. Without the correct oil-fuel mixture, pistons start to grind resulting in generating an excessive amount of heat.

Incorrect oil-fuel mixture

Quick fix

Always use the correct fuel-to-oil ratio that is 50:1 as instructed in the manual of ECHO CS-310.

Problem 13: Damaged oil pump

The job of an oil pump is to circulate engine oil in several parts of the engine and if it is damaged it cannot be able to maintain the required oil pressure. A drop in oil pressure will result in the leakage of oil.

Damaged oil pump

Quick fix

If you find any oil leakage out of the engine, make sure to repair it as soon as possible. Don’t try to do it yourself, take it to a good technician for repair. In my case, the technician had replaced some components of the oil pumps that were damaged. And if it is severely damaged, you need to place a new oil pump.

Problem 14: Clogged oil ports

Oil ports are responsible for the normal flow of oil from oil tanks to other parts of the chainsaw for lubrication. Over time, these passages get clogged with debris and dust and result in inadequate lubrication.

Clogged oil ports

Quick fix

Remove the oil ports and clean them using pressurized air or an air compressor for thorough cleaning. After cleaning, put them back and then check.

Problem 15: Oil cap issues

Sometimes the damaged, missing, or loose oil cap cause oil to leak out of the engine. This happens when excessive stress is applied to the cap by the engine.

Oil cap issues

Quick fix

To avoid oil leakage, inspect for the worn out and damaged oil cap, ensure the oil vent is not clogged, and also avoid overfilling of oil tank.

Preventive Maintenance Tips for Echo CS-310 Chainsaw

Preventive maintenance tips

ECHO CS-310 is a powerful tool, so like any other tool, it requires proper maintenance to work efficiently, give high-end cutting performance and prevent any breakdown. I follow these maintenance tips to keep my chainsaw in its best condition, you should also follow them:

  • Regularly clean and inspect all the necessary components of the chainsaw, and use a cleaner or air compressor where necessary.
  • Always use the best quality fuel and the correct fuel-to-oil mixture for high performance.
  • Keep your chain sharpen and also maintain chain tension adjustments. An uneven chain can become a great safety threat.
  • Always keep the guide bar and chain lubricated for smooth cutting performance.
  • Replace the spark plug, air filter, and fuel filter if find clogged.
  • The most important maintenance tip is the proper storage of your ECHO CS-310. Store it in a dry, well-ventilated place and keep it away from dust or debris. Always check it before use. 

When to Seek Professional Help?

Not always your DIY tips and tricks will work and it is stupid to play with the important components of your chainsaw without having any kind of knowledge. When the issue persists after several DIY attempts take the help of a professional or a technician as they know the best about your chainsaw.

Also, you have the facility to take your faulty ECHO CS-310 to authorized ECHO service centers for more professional help. These facilities have expert technicians specifically for ECHO chainsaws.

Lastly, if taking your chainsaw to a professional doesn’t work, you can use the warranty coverage. If your machine still falls under the warranty period, you can avail of it and solve your problem.

Final Words

Like any other machine, ECHO CS-310 also faces some problems, among which the common problems include starting and stalling issues, chain tension problems, overheating issues, and oil leak, or lubrication problems.

But the good thing is all of these problems can be easily fixed: by cleaning clogged fuel filter, spark plug, air filter, oil pump or cooling fins; using the best quality fuel and recommended fuel-to-oil ratio; by sharpening the chains and replacing any damaged component of ECHO CS-310.

If you want to prevent any of these problems, proper maintenance, regular inspection, and proper storage are very important. I encourage you to always check your chainsaw before using it. This is the only way for you to keep your ECHO CS-310 in the best optimal condition.

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