Stihl MS880 Discontinued-True or Rumor?

Recently it’s been circulating that the Stihl Ms880 discontinued. What’s the deal? Is this true or a rumor? Well, you’re not alone who’s confused, I was too! That’s when I started digging deeper into the research to know the facts. And this article will surely clear the air regarding this issue and bring some facts to light.

stihl ms880 discontinued

The main reasons why Stihl MS 880 is discontinued are EU emission control regulations, outdated engine, deficiency in air pre-separation, market demand and feature gaps.

I’ll also shed light on its alternative on a broad scale along with other related topics. So, keep reading.

Why Did MS880 Chainsaw Discontinue?

These are the key reasons why the MS880 chainsaw was discontinued.

  1. European Emission Control Regulation

The first and most important reason for shutting the production line of ms880 is the emmsion control regulation.

So, what is emission control regulation? Emission control regulation is an act to control the amount of pollutant emit from specific sources.

Specifically, European emmsion control regualtion 7 mostly focuses on Co2 control. And, the emission from ms880’s engine exceeds the limit. 

  1. Outdated Engine

The engine used in ms 881 doesn’t comply with the European emission control regualtion. 

MS 880 comes with a single cylinder two cycle engine. However, if the engine is operated more than a certain amount of period, it will emit pollutants which won’t comply with European emission control acts.

On average after using 250 hours, the engine will be outdated and produce emissions that doesn’t comply with the law.

However, Stihl is introducing models with up-to-date engines to comply with environmental law.

  1. Deficiency In The Pre Air Separation Filter

Pre separation filter in engine is a basic requirement to comply with environmental friendly acts which ms 880 lacks. You may argue, “why? It has a air cleaning filter.”

Well, it has. But, those are not air pre-separation filters.

  1. Market Demand And Feature Gap

MS 880’s market demand is another potential reason for its discontinuation. As compared to market demand, the features it offers are not up to scratch.

In the case of the outdated engine and its environmental impact, it truly creates a demand for alternatives.

The Alternative

So, what’s coming next after 880? Yes, there is another model already there in the market and that is Stihl ms 881.

The model is often regarded as the most powerful chainsaw in the production line of Stihl. With the extended and powerful features- the chainsaw has got

Why Is the MS880 Not Available?

The MS880 is not available because Stihl is discontinuing the model. Stihl says that it’s “satisfied” with the performance of the MS880 and will not continue production of this model.

Moreover, the primary reason for halting production of the MS880 is not specified. However, most chainsaw fans, including ourselves, feel that its discontinuation was due to a lack of fuel efficiency.

Why is the MS880 Not Available

It’s true that this saw has been around for a long time and has seen many changes over the years. However, there is no doubt that we all miss this saw with its reliability and power.

That being said, the MS880 is not available but Stihl has launched the MS881 as a replacement. It’s an upgraded version of the MS880, with a few more features and better performance.

The 881 contains a diagnosis port for information regarding starts and run time even if it is not M-Tronic. And the engine of the 881 is a strato-design whereas the 880 had a single-piston port.

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What Are the Main Features of Stihl MS881?

The Stihl MS881 is a powerful, versatile saw that can handle the toughest jobs. It has many features identical to its predecessor and some new ones that make it stand out from other chainsaws.

Features of Stihl MS881

  1. Carburetor heating (V)

Allows switching the chainsaw from summer to winter mode to pre-heat the intake air over the engine fins. This guarantees that the carburetor won’t freeze up and that you can keep operating in subfreezing conditions.

  1. Controlled-delivery oil pump

Depending on your sawing style, bar length even wood types, the requirement of oil varies. Thanks to the controlled-delivery oil pump, you can select the exact amount of oil needed for your job.

  1. Anti-vibration system

The system is made up of precisely calculated buffer zones that reduce the vibrational transmission to the front and back handles from the engine and saw chain. This is the first line of defense against the enemies of your chainsaw: fatigue and soreness. With it, you can work longer and harder, saving your strength for the most important parts of the job.

  1. Stihl ElastoStart

Each of us who adore chainsaws wants the starting to be flawless and smooth. However, the majority of chainsaws can’t handle jerky stresses while starting the engine’s internal combustion. The MS881 includes an ElastoStart unique starting grip, which consists of a damping component that absorbs and releases force sequentially to provide a smooth start.

  1. Side-mounted Chain Tensioner

You can safely tension the chain using side-mounted chain tensioning, so you need not be concerned about your well-being while working.

  1. Tool-free Fuel Caps

The MS881 is all about ease of use, and that starts with the tool-free fuel caps. Just squeeze, and twist, and you’re good to go. That’s right: no tools are required!

  1. HD2 Filter

The HD2 filter from STIHL extends the lifespan of your saw by keeping even the smallest particles of dust out of your engine. In addition, you can clean the filter with warm water and STIHL Varioclean, so you can get back to work quickly.


How many cc is a STIHL MS 880?

Stihl MS 881 has a 121.6 cc engine.

How many cc is a Stihl ms 881?

There are 121.6 cc in Stihl MS 881.

Is Stihl ms 881 a replacement of 880?

Actually Stihl stops the production of 881 however 880 doesn’t make sure


The MS880 is a fantastic chainsaw, but the MS881 is a great one that you need to try. Look, the plain truth is that change is unavoidable in the world of power tools, and we must accept it.

And it’s almost clear that the Stihl MS880 discontinued. So, grab your new chainsaw and head out into the woods.

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