Echo CS 590 Problems: How to Diagnose and Fix Them

If you’re searching for a top-notch chainsaw, then the Echo CS-590 is likely on your mind. Its powerful engine and durable build makes it the go-to chainsaw for professional users who carry out demanding wood-cutting jobs.

The main features that make the CS-590 very popular include an adjustable clutch-driven oiler, a translucent fuel tank, a g-force engine air pre-cleaner, a decompression valve, and a rear-mounted, heavy-duty two-piece air filter.

However, like any other machine, the Echo CS-590 Timber Wolf is not immune to problems. The most common ones are starting issues, engine performance and idling problems, chain tension and lubrication problems, and cutting performance issues.

echo cs 590 problems

In this article, I’ll examine the Echo CS 590 problems and how to address them. In addition, I will review some of the routine maintenance tips that can help your chainsaw remain in top working condition. So, let’s dive in.

Overview of the Echo CS 590 Problems and Solutions

Echo CS-590 Chainsaw Problems Quick Fixes
Starting problems Replace defective spark plug, replace fuel filter, clean air filter
Poor Cutting Performance Adjust chain tension, sharpen the chain, replace worn-out chain and sprocket
Oiling problems Refill oil tank, clean chainsaw oiler
Engine Problems Clean the clogged carburetor, replace the damaged carburetor
Ignition Coil Failure Replace defective ignition coil

1. Starting Issues

starting issues - causes & solution

Encountering starting problems can be quite frustrating and time-consuming. Here are some of the main issues that might be the cause and how to address them:

i) Spark Plug Problems

Every gas-powered saw requires a spark plug to provide the spark that ignites the fuel-air mixture to start the engine. Consequently, a dirty, damaged, or improperly-connected spark plug will make it impossible to start the engine.

spark plug problems - causes & solution

The Solution:

You’ll need to turn off your chainsaw and disconnect the spark plug. Inspect all its parts, including the porcelain insulator and electrodes, for damage. If you notice any wear, replace the spark plug with a new one.

However, if it is dirty due to carbon buildup, clean it up using a wire brush, and plug it back into the machine.

ii) Fuel System Issues

Several fuel system issues might cause the engine to starve, failing to start. These include a clogged fuel filter, an empty fuel tank, leakage from fuel tank caps, and blocked fuel lines.

fuel system issues - causes & solution

The Solution:

First, you’ll need to check if the fuel filter is clogged. Dirt and debris might accumulate in the fuel filter, thus clogging it. Carefully snap the fuel filter, and twist it to pull it out. Replace it with a new one to solve the issue.

Additionally, inspect the fuel pipe and fuel tank cap to ensure no leakage every time you refuel. Tightly close the fuel tank cap and replace faulty fuel pipes. Lastly, if the fuel tank is empty, refill it before restarting your machine.

iii) Clogged Air Filter

A clogged air filter blocks the airflow to the engine. This issue can quickly go unnoticed until your chainsaw performs poorly or fails to start.

clogged air filter - causes & solution

The Solution:

You must turn off the choke button and then remove the air filter cover and air filter itself. Gently dust off the air filter using a brush or using compressed air. Once you’re done, reinsert the air filter and cover. If the filter is too damaged, replace it with a new one.

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2. Poor Cutting Performance

poor cutting performance - causes & solution

Sometimes, the Echo CS-590 can fail to deliver a flawless cutting performance. Below are some of the main issues that may be facing your machine and their solutions

i) Dull or Damaged Chain

A dull chain can make it difficult for the saw to cut correctly and sometimes become jammed. In worst-case scenarios, that chain may get damaged entirely.

dull or damaged chain - causes & solution

The Solution

If your chainsaw’s chain has become dull, you need to sharpen it to get the best out of it. For this, you need to use a round and a flat file. File each cutting tooth at an angle of 25 degrees.

Use a depth gauge tool to ensure you file to the proper depth. If that doesn’t solve the cutting problem, replace the damaged chain with a new Echo CS-590 chain.

ii) Sprocket Wear

A spoiled sprocket can cause the chain to wear out much quicker and increase oil consumption. A worn-out chain cannot rotate freely around the bar, thus affecting the cutting performance. 

sprocket wear - causes & solution

The Solution:

You should check the condition of your sprocket; if it is worn out more than 0.55mm, you should replace it with a new one. To do this, you will need to turn off your machine and let the engine cool. Now, unfasten the sprocket guard nuts and remove the sprocket cover, bar, and chain.

Next, remove the clutch drum since the sprocket is attached to it. Replace the worn-out sprocket with a new one. After that, install it and ensure they align correctly with the clutch drum before reassembling all the parts you took apart.

However, if the sprocket is still in good condition, you only need to lubricate it.

iii) Wrong Chain Tension

The chain is a crucial component of the Echo CS-590 since it does the cutting. However, there are times when it can become too loose or tight, thus affecting the cutting performance.

wrong chain tension - causes & solution

The Solution:

Adjust the chain tension. To do this, you will first need to remove the air filter cover, and spark plug lead. Unfasten the sprocket guard nuts, and turn the adjustment screw until the chain snugs the bar from below. Do this while holding the bar’s nose up.

Tighten the nuts while the nose is still up and check the chain’s tension by pulling it around the bar. If it turns effortlessly while snugging the bar, it is properly tensioned.

However, you can readjust it to make it loose if you feel it is too tight. When you’re done, reassemble all the parts and fasten the sprocket guard nuts.

3. Oiling Issues

It is common to face Echo CS-590 oiler problems, for example, a broken oil pump, a clogged chainsaw oiler, an empty oil tank, or using the wrong type of oil.

oiling issues - causes & solution

The solution:

To solve Echo CS-590 oiler problems, you should check if your oil tank is empty and refill it. Next, if the chainsaw oiler is clogged, carefully remove it and clean it using compressed air to get rid of any dirt or debris. However if it is damaged, you can get a new chainsaw oiler from Amazon.

Another possible solution to Echo CS-590 oiler problems is to repair the broken oil pump or replace it with a new one.

4. Engine Issues

engine issues - causes & solution

It is common for the Echo chainsaw engine’s to develop issues that end up affecting the saw’s performance. Some of the most common ones and their potential fixes include:

i) Engine Flooding

Engine flooding occurs when you pull the starter cord too often or leave the choke on too long. This causes too much fuel to enter the engine’s combustion chamber, thus exhausting the air in the fuel-air mixture.

engine flooding - causes & solution

The Solution:

First, remove the spark plug and wipe it off with a clean rug to dry it out. Then, pull the starter cord severally to eliminate any excess fuel in the combustion chamber. Now, place the choke in the off position, reinsert the spark plug, and reinsert your engine.

Alternatively, if you don’t have any immediate use for the chainsaw, you could store it in a dry place for some days for the excess fuel to evaporate.

Tip: Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for starting and operating the chainsaw to avoid engine flooding problems. For example, warm up the machine properly, and turn the choke off once you’ve started the engine.

ii) Engine Runs Poorly

engine runs poorly - causes & solution

If you’re a regular chainsaw user, you’ve probably encountered a situation where your engine runs and then dies, runs roughly, or doesn’t accelerate properly. Here are the leading causes: ` 

iii) Clogged Carburetor

The carburetor is indispensable in mixing fuel and air in the right proportion and sending it to the engine. If it becomes clogged with dirt or any other debris, e.g., sawdust, it delivers an insufficient amount of fuel to the engine causing it to run poorly.

The Solution:

First, you should always turn off your chainsaw and let it cool off completely. Then, remove the air filter cover and disconnect the air filter.

After that, remove the carburetor and its gasket carefully. Using a small brush, scrub away any dirt or debris. You can also use a carburetor cleaner to clean the carb. If the carb is damaged, replace it with a new one.

Reinstall all the components, including the carburetor, air filter, and air filter cover, in the reverse order and start your chainsaw to see if it works properly.

5. Ignition Coil Failure

The ignition coil transfers electric signals to the spark plug to enable you to start the engine. Consequently, if your ignition coil is defective, it will be difficult to start your saw since there will be no spark to ignite the fuel.

The Solution:

If you suspect your ignition coil has failed, immediately turn off your engine and let the chainsaw cool. Next, remove the air filter cover and disconnect the spark plug.

Once you’re done, unfasten any screws holding the starter assembly and remove them. After that, remove the flywheel cover and ignition coil wires. Remove the screws holding the ignition coil and remove the coil from the engine.

Next, install the new ignition coil, ensuring it is fitted into place and all the wires are connected correctly. Reassemble all the components you took out and test the engine to ensure the ignition coil is functional.

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Routine Maintenance for the Echo CS-590

routine maintenance for the echo cs-590

Routinely maintaining your chainsaw helps ensure it is in good working condition. It also reduces wear and tear and decreases the chances of the saw injuring you. Below are the most common routine maintenance procedures.

Note: You should always wear gloves as a protective cover when maintaining the saw; otherwise, sharp edges or hot surfaces might injure you.

1. Air Filter Cleaning

Air filter cleaning should be done regularly to ensure that air flows freely to the engine to facilitate combustion. If it is dirty, you need to shut off the choke button and remove the air filter cover.

Next, you’ll need to use a soft brush or compressed air to get the dust off the filter. However, I would advise you to replace the filter if it is too damaged or dirty. After that, reinstall your air filter cover and test your machine.

2. Spark Plug Inspection and Replacement

You should periodically inspect the spark plug for signs of wear or carbon buildup. If it is faulty, you will need to replace it with a new one. However, if it is carbon buildup, scrub it gently using a wire brush to restore its clean state.

Also, ensure that the spark gap is 0.65mm and adjust it necessarily if it is greater or lesser than that value.

3. Oil Filter

Never allow dust into your oil tank and clog your oil filter. Regularly check the oil filter to ensure it is not clogged; otherwise, lubrication might be challenging.

You’ll need to remove the filter through the oil port and clean it in gasoline. To retrieve it, leave the wire coil clamp in place and grasp the filter with one hand while holding the oil line with the other.

Pull it out and clean it thoroughly. Do the reverse to put in the clean filter or its replacement. In addition, clean the oil tank using gasoline

4. Guide Bar

Always clean your guide bar before each use to remove dirt, sawdust, or other debris. Use a tiny screwdriver to remove debris from the groove and a wire for the oil holes.

The Echo CS-590 instruction manual also recommends cleaning the bar mount area before installing the bar.

5. Chain

You should regularly sharpen your chain to ensure a good cutting performance. Using a 5.5mm round file and a flat file, sharpen the cutters of your chain to the correct depth and angle. A well-sharpened chain vibrates less, thus reducing the chances of breaking prematurely.

Tip: Follow the procedure provided in the instruction manual I have linked to in the previous section.

6. Fuel and Lubricant

Only use high-quality engine fuel and lubricants that the manufacturer has recommended. Using other fuels can often lead to poor performance and damage engine components such as the carburetor and fuel lines.

The Echo Power Fuel and Echo Premium Power Blend Universal 2-Stroke Oil are recommended for fueling and lubricating Echo chainsaws.

Proper Storage of the Chainsaw

You should properly store your chainsaw to prevent damage and reduce the chances of problems occurring in the future. Here are vital storage techniques that you should observe:

  • Store your machine in a cool and dry area to prevent the accumulation of dirt and debris
  • Always empty the fuel tank before storing the chainsaw. Pull the starter cord severally with the saw switched off to drain excess fuel
  • No chainsaw should be stored without removing the bar and chain
  • Check the condition of every component of the chainsaw. Clean or repair where necessary before storing.
  • Lubricate the metal parts with a bit of oil to prevent them from rusting.

When to Seek Professional Help

If your chainsaw exhibits any of the following signs while or after carrying out routine maintenance, then it might be time to seek the help of a professional:

  • Your chainsaw emits too much smoke or vibrates uncontrollably.
  • Some chainsaw features, such as the kill switch and throttle lock, are not working.
  • Failure to start after maintaining it.
  • It performs poorly even after you’ve maintained it.

You can find an authorized ECHO servicing dealer nearest you to help you repair or service your chainsaw for free. This is only possible if the warranty period has not elapsed and you haven’t breached any warranty terms and conditions.

Echo CS 590 Chainsaw Spec

stihl ms 170 spec
  • Engine Displacement: 59.8cc
  • Power Output: 4hp
  • Weight: 6kg
  • Available Guide Bar Length: 16,18,20,24 inches
  • Fuel Capacity: 0.65l
  • Oil Tank Capacity: 0.3l
  • Fuel Type: Gasoline
  • Idle Speed: 2600-3300 RPM
  • Wide Open Throttle: 12000-13000
  • Chain Pitch: 3/8 inches

Frequently Asked Questions

Is an Echo CS-590 a good saw?

The Echo CS-590 is a professional saw that has been designed to be both powerful and durable.

How powerful is the Echo CS-590 Timber Wolf chainsaw?

The Echo CS-590 has a 59.8cc 2-stroke engine that produces 4 hp. Additionally, it has an oil tank capacity of 300ml and a fuel tank capacity of 0.65 l.

Why am I having problems starting the Echo CS-590 chainsaw?

You’re having problems starting your Echo CS-590 chainsaw because your spark plug may be damaged, thus failing to ignite the fuel to start the engine. Try to replace it with a new one. Additionally, your air filter may be clogged, thus preventing airflow to the engine from starting the saw.

Final Verdict

Despite its durable build and impressive performance, there are many Echo CS 590 problems that you could experience that impact its performance and effectiveness. These include starting problems, poor engine performance, ignition system failure, and oiling issues.

You can quickly get your chainsaw up and running using the solutions mentioned in this article. Additionally, you should always carry out routine maintenance to be able to solve any issue as soon as it arises.

However, if the problem is beyond your scope of expertise, I recommend taking your Echo CS-590 chainsaw to an authorized dealer for repair.

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