Echo CS-800P Vs Stihl 660 (Differences and Recommendation)

One of my colleagues was torn between getting the Echo CS 800P or the Stihl 660 chainsaw. Since both cost almost the same and offer nearly the same features, he wasn’t sure which would be right for him.

To help him make a decision, I looked into it myself, and I was surprised at how different the two saws were.

The Echo CS-800P and Stihl MS 660 have striking differences in their bar lengths, chains, and power. They also generate very different levels of noise.

In the article, I will briefly mention the most notable features of these two products first. After that, I will go over the differences in detail.

echo cs-800P vs stihl 660

Let’s jump right in!

Features of Echo CS-800P

Here are three key features of this chainsaw.

Features Of Echo CS-800P

  1. Aluminum Handle

An absolutely vital feature of the Echo saw is its aluminum handle. It allows you to easily maneuver the machine when cutting, thanks to its strong and durable grip.

This grip has a rubberized surface, which ensures a comfortable holding experience.

  1. Easily Accessible Air Filter

There is a cover for the air filter on the chainsaw. You can remove it with no tools, making air filter maintenance and cleaning easy.

This is particularly helpful to those who are unfamiliar with saws.

  1. Automatic/Adjustable Oiler

Another excellent feature of the CS-800P is the automatic/adjustable oiler. This technology adjusts oil flow automatically to match the cutting speed and wood type.

Features of Stihl MS 660

Here are three key features of this chainsaw.

Features Of Stihl MS 660

  1. Decompression Valve

You will get the highly regarded decompression valve with the 660 chainsaw. When the chainsaw fires up, this valve eases the strain on the engine.

This way, you can avoid starting issues and speed up the process of starting the saw.

  1. HD2 Filter

The Stihl 660 incorporates an HD2 filter. It is an advanced filter that minimizes the amount of dust and debris that enters the engine.

Consequently, your chainsaw will operate more efficiently and smoothly.

  1. Ematic System

Last but definitely not least, the MS 660 unit comes with the Stihl Ematic system. It saves up to 50% on chain lubricant consumption.

Comparison Table with Specs for Echo CS-800P And Stihl 660

Comparison Table with Specs for Echo CS-800P And Stihl 660
Key Factor Echo CS-800P Stihl MS 660
Bar Length Compatibility Compatible with 24-36 inch bar lengths Compatible with 20-36 inch bar lengths
Chain Regular Echo Chain Rapid Super Chain
Displacement 80.7 cc 91.6 cc
Sound Level 109 decibels 114 decibels

Differences Between Echo CS-800P And Stihl 660

Took me a while, but here are all the differences explained in detail. Have a look at them below.

Differences Between Echo CS-800P And Stihl 660

  1. Bar Length

The bar length describes the length of the metal guide bar holding the cutting chain. It is the distance between the guide bar’s tip and its end (not including the sprocket nose).

The longer the bar, the stronger the chainsaw.

However, you must keep in mind that not every cutting task involves removing large trees. Sometimes you have to cut small trees. A shorter bar may be more useful at such a time.

The Echo 800P is compatible with 24-36 inch bar lengths, whereas the Stihl 660 can handle 20-36 inch bars. As you can see, the 660 is clearly superior here because it supports a 20-inch bar, unlike the 800P.

Winner: STIHL MS 660

  1. Chain Quality

You are probably aware that the chain is a metal loop that drives the saw blade. It is composed of several metal links.

Almost all chains are constructed the same way. Wait a minute, does that mean every chain cuts equally? Most definitely not.

In this comparison, the Stihl 660 uses a more advanced chain called Rapid Super. It offers high performance and is suitable for professional use.

The biggest benefit of the RS chain is that it is extremely vibration-free.

On the other side, the CS-800P also comes equipped with a high-grade standard Echo chain. Although the performance is similar to its rival, the Echo chain vibrates quite a bit.

Winner: STIHL MS 660

  1. Displacement

Displacement is one of several factors that determine how powerful a chainsaw is. The higher the displacement, the greater the power your saw will produce.

The Stihl chainsaw has a massive 91.6 cc displacement. No matter what kind of firewood or tree you throw at it, the machine cuts it down without a hitch.

As for the Echo chainsaw, it lags behind considerably when it comes to displacement. The tool is powered by a displacement of only 80.7 ccs.

Winner: STIHL MS 660

  1. Sound

I see a lot of people with hearing issues after using loud chainsaws for a prolonged time. To protect yourself from such problems, be sure to check the sound level before purchasing a power tool.

Although the Stihl chainsaw has many strengths, the sound is most certainly not one of them. It generates a whopping 114 decibels.

On the other hand, the saw from Echo beats the competition with an impressive 109 dB.

Winner: ECHO CS-800P

  1. Cost

Regardless of what features you want in your chainsaw, in the end, it all comes down to price. A limited budget may even prevent you from purchasing your favorite saw.

If you need a cheaper option from these two, consider the Echo CS. The chainsaw will cost around $1000 if you choose the 32-inch bar.

Having said that, it may be difficult to locate an Echo chainsaw since it has been discontinued.

As expected from such a powerful saw, the Stihl 660 is much more expensive at $1190.

Winner: ECHO CS-800P

Which Chainsaw Is Better?

Which Chainsaw Is Better

When comparing these two chainsaws, it’s not difficult to figure out which one is better.

The Stihl 660 easily wins the crown,

and I would definitely recommend it for the following reasons:

  • Higher displacement
  • Better chain
  • Support for a wide range of bar sizes

The Echo CS 800P is a decent chainsaw that isn’t too loud or expensive. Although I doubt it will be available on the current market due to its discontinuation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many HP is a Stihl 660?

The Stihl 660 chainsaw is equipped with a 7.1 horsepower (HP) engine. It also features a fast acceleration rate and a high torque rating.
With this much power, it can easily deal with the most challenging tasks.

Is Echo as good as Stihl?

Stihl is arguably the most recognizable chainsaw brand in the market. They offer a wide range of saws, from small home models to professional-grade tools.
Echo is another renowned chainsaw manufacturer that has been in business since the 1970s. They are known for providing high-quality dependable saws for various applications.
From what I can tell, both companies have a good reputation in the chainsaw industry. So you should ultimately go with the brand that best suits your needs.

When did they stop making Stihl 660?

The Stihl 660 has been a popular and reliable chainsaw for many years. Professional loggers and arborists were fond of it.
However, Stihl recently announced that they are discontinuing the 660 and introducing the MS 661 C-M in its place.

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To Sum Up

If you are familiar with chainsaw specs, you would know that the Stihl 660 stands out in almost every aspect. It offers better power, chain, and bar length compatibility.

Nevertheless, if the lower price and quieter sound of the Echo 800P appeal to you more, feel free to go for it.

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