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Husqvarna 440E Review | 16-Inch Gas Powered Chainsaw

Husqvarna 440e Review

Husqvarna 440E is from the success line of two popular chainsaws, the Husqvarna 440 and the Husqvarna 440E. The Husqvarna 440 and 440E were very successful chainsaws from Husqvarna and to keep this success line, Husqvarna brought 440E with more features and better abilities. And, as this product is newer than older versions, we decided to bring you the Husqvarna 440E review so that you can know about this awesome saw in detail.

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Husqvarna 16 Inch 440e II Gas Chainsaw (Editors Ratings: 4.2/5)

Husqvarna 440E Chainsaw Review:

The Husqvarna 440E is a 16-inch gas-powered chainsaw and it’s the updated version of 440. Husqvarna made some modifications and made it better than previous models. This little chainsaw is full of essential features and a user-friendly operating system. In this 440E Husqvarna review, we’ll try to talk deeply about this chainsaw so you can make the right decision about purchasing it. Let’s Read Husqvarna 440E II review:

Husqvarna 440e Review

Product Specifications (Husqvarna 440E Chainsaw):

Item dimension 37x9x11 Inches
Item weight 9.8 Pounds
Item Model Number 440E II
Motor 2.4 HP
Engine Displacement 40.9 cc
Idle Speed 2900 RPM
Maximum Speed 9000 RPM
Power Source Gasoline
Air Filter Yes
Chain Size 16 Inch
Engine Type 2 Cycle
Tool-less chain tensioning Yes
Handle Type Rear Handle Chain Saw
Start Type Pull Start
Case Included No
Warranty 2 Years Limited

Product Overview:

Lightweight & Efficient

The Husqvarna 440E is just 9.8 pounds in weight which made it highly portable and very ideal for house-owners who are looking for a reliable chainsaw for doing simple cutting jobs. The 440E offers simplicity. That’s why it’s very popular among the non-professional users, especially among the homeowners. The 440E chainsaw also comes with a new X-cut chain and an X-force chainsaw bar that made the saw very efficient.

As I mentioned before, this saw is just 9.8 pounds. It’s very lightweight and portable. And because of its light weight, a user can easily move the saw while working. It allows the user to cut more freely. As a result, the user can make precise cuts easily.

Iconic X-Torq® Feature

husqvarna 440e 16-inch chainsaw
Husqvarna Chainsaw Start System. Image Source: Amazon

The “X-Torq®” technology is an iconic feature from Husqvarna and the Husqvarna 440E is equipped with this technology. This iconic feature took the saw to a new level. The X-Torq® technology is a very practical and effective feature. This X-Torq® technology makes the motor extremely fuel-efficient and reduces the toxic fumes production. Fuel efficiency helps you a lot to reduce your cost and you get better user experience with fewer emissions. This iconic technology also helps to keep the environment clean. It’s really effective to use a saw that produces low toxic especially when you use it around your yard.

Not only that, but the “X-Torq®” technology also helps to start the motor of the saw almost immediately when yanked. It’s truly very useful for non-professional users. You know, most of the chainsaws need a few yanks to get started but the Husqvarna 440e with this technology gets started in highest 2 yanks. It’s a great advantage for a chainsaw because, sometimes, starting a chainsaw can be really tough! You will know that if you’re familiar with using a chain saw. And lastly, the “X-Torq®” technology is equipped with a stop controlling system that ensures the safety of the saw engine and reduces the risk of oil flooding of the engine. As a result, the engine lasts longer than other ordinary chainsaws. So, just see why the “X-Torq®” is iconic. It’s really a great addition from Husqvarna.

Powerful Engine

Husqvarna 440e chainsaw

The Husqvarna 440E chainsaw is equipped with a powerful 2.4 HP based motor that produces an idling speed of 2900 RPM and a maximum speed of and 9000 RPM. The motor is powerful enough to do simple light jobs and the motor speed is also great. The engine displacement of this chain saw is 40.9 cc. It’s a 2-cycle engine and with this powerful (for its jobs of course!) engine and motor, this saw really performs great.

Actually, this chainsaw is designed for light jobs, not for heavy-duty or medium-duty works. And it does perfect in its sector. Husqvarna made it especially for homeowners for cutting small trees or tree-branches around the yards. And this chainsaw is fully successful. That’s why it’s so popular among the users. And most importantly, this saw is fully capable to satisfy its users.

Easy Operating System

The Husqvarna 440E offers a very operating system. This chainsaw is designed for mainly non-professional users and that’s why Husqvarna offers a simple and easy operating system so that even a beginner can use the chain saw with ease. This chainsaw comes with a guide bar that helps the users to make more precise cuts.

This saw also offers an automatic chain oiler that oils the chain automatically. This system delivers a steady oil supply of bar and chain oil. And the steady oil delivery ensures safe and effective use and prolongs the life of the chain saw. So, you don’t need to spend much time to oil your saw. You just need to keep the oil bar refilled in time. The rest of the job will be done automatically. Really, I like this feature. Some other chainsaws offer this feature, but Husqvarna’s chainsaws do it best! And as it’s the Husqvarna 440E 16 inch review, I must admit, this is truly a useful feature.

Safe and Secure

As I mentioned earlier, the “X-Torq®” technology of this saw offers some safety features. However, Husqvarna gave attention to safety. They added additional safety features too. This 440E chainsaw comes with an inertia activated chain brake. This brake ensures user’s safety while operating the tool. And you know, safety is really an important fact in power tools because a little carelessness may bring horrible accidents. But Husqvarna added some effective safety features in order to avoid such unwanted situations; thanks to Husqvarna.

Quick-Release Air Filter

The Husqvarna 440E comes with a quick-release air filter facility. This is another great addition to this chain saw. The quick-release air filter facility helps for easy cleaning and quick replacing of the filter. With this specially designed air filter, you can clean the filter very easily. As a result, your saw will last longer. More so, when it’s time to replace the air filter of the saw, you can replace it easily too, because of the quick-release air filter facility.

Tool-Free Adjustment

Imagine, you are working with a chain saw and while working, you adjust the saw chain according to your need! Won’t it be a great option?

Well, you don’t need to imagine it anymore because this little saw is offering you that feature. Yes, the Husqvarna 440E is equipped with a side-mounted simple chain tensioning system. This system allows you to adjust the chain quickly, even while you’re working!

Easy to Maintain

This chain saw is not only easy to operate, but also it’s easy to maintain too. You don’t need to spend much time or a lot of effort on its maintaining. You can maintain this saw with spending a little time and effort. It really very easy, even a beginner can do it easily. And it just requires a little maintenance. However, storing it is super easy too. It only measures 37x9x11 Inches. So, you can store it in your garage easily while not in use. You can buy a case for the saw separately and put the saw inside it. Husqvarna also sells carrying cases separately. The carrying case keeps the saw safe and secure.

Husqvarna 440e chainsaw Review


  • X-Torq®: Husqvarna’s iconic technology for fuel efficiency and reduced emissions.
  • Tool-Free Adjustment: Simple side-mounted chain tensioning system for quick chain adjustment without tools.
  • Air Filter: Quick-release air filter for easy cleaning and replacing.

  • Powerful motor and engine for effective power.
  • Air injection system for extended life of motor and air filter.
  • X-Torq® feature for fuel efficiency and reduced emissions.
  • Side-mounted simple chain tensioning system for quick chain adjustment without tools.
  • Easy and comfortable to operate and easy to maintain.
  • Very compact and very easy to carry.
  • Quick-release air filter for easy cleaning and replacing.
  • Inertia activated chain brake for better safety.

  • Not suitable for large jobs.

Husqvarna 440 vs Husqvarna 440E – Which One to Buy?

As the Husqvarna 440 and 440E are almost the same, people often ask, “Husqvarna 440 vs 440E – Which one should I buy?”

Well, for answering this question, we don’t need to have a huge conversation or a large comparison chart. Actually, the Husqvarna 440 is the oldest 16-inch chain saw model from Husqvarna. That was a very successful chain saw for the beginners and house-owners. Husqvarna 440 served the users successfully for many years. And after a time, Husqvarna brought an upgraded version of their 440. They brought 440E with some new features and abilities. 440E was successful too. And as the requirements of the users getting bigger day by day, Husqvarna brought another upgraded model. And that model is 440E. So, as you see, the 440 is the oldest and the 440E is the latest version.

So, if you need a budget saw for the very simple jobs around your yard, then I’d like to recommend you the Husqvarna 440. It’s good enough for simple light jobs and great value for money. Though it’s old, but it still performs great.

On the other hand, if you need a saw which is more than just a simple saw and equipped with modern features, then I’d like to recommend the latest Husqvarna 440E. The 440E equipped with essential modern features and capabilities.

As I was saying, Husqvarna 440 and 440E are two different versions of a single chain saw model. Their manufacture company, Husqvarna designed the latest version according to the needs of the users, so that they can present the users the best chain saw. So, if you feel confused about which one to buy between 440 and 440E, think carefully which one can fulfill your requirements; and go for it. But if both of them are able to fulfill your requirements, then I think you should go for 440. That’s because there is no need to spend extra bucks!

Image Description
Best Seller
Husqvarna 16 Inch 440e II Gas Chainsaw (Editors Ratings: 4.2/5)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  • Does it come with a carrying case?

– Unfortunately, no. It doesn’t come with an included carrying case. You can buy that separately. It comes with a bar guard.

  • Does it come with a chain or I have to buy it separately?

– This chain saw comes with a pre-installed saw chain. If you need to replace it later, then you have to buy that separately.

  • Does this chain saw come with a tool-less chain tensioning system?

– The Husqvarna 440E offers an easy chain tensioning system.

  • Does this saw need any other tools?

– Well, You’ll get everything in the box you need, including scrench for tensioning the chain.

  • What is the power source of this saw? Gasoline, battery, or electricity?

– This chain saw model runs with the power of gasoline.

Final Verdict

The Husqvarna 440E gas-powered chainsaw is simply a great choice for non-professional house owners. This chainsaw is specially designed to light works such as cutting small trees or cutting branches of large trees. It’s perfect for cleaning the yards around the house.

And at the end of the Husqvarna 440E review, I’m sure that you know if this chainsaw is suitable for you or not; because we discussed all kinds of features of this saw with detail. Wishing you all the best.

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