Why Did Stihl Discontinue The MS290?

You surely have heard that Stihl stopped making the MS290 chainsaw. Many people found this shocking because this chainsaw had earned the hearts of many chainsaw enthusiasts. Now, when we look at why did stihl discontinue the MS290, there are some reasons that stand out.

Its engine and chassis are both rather old-fashioned. The MS290 also emits a high level of pollution, is heavy, and adjusting chain tension is more difficult than on newer versions.

why did stihl discontinue the ms290

Don’t stop reading because we’ll tell you which model is the best MS290 replacement. Keep on reading!

Reasons to Discontinue the MS290

When Stihl made the decision to discontinue the MS290, they considered several reasons. Now, we’ll dive into the details of the major reasons for better understanding.

Reasons To Discontinue The MS290

  1. Not Eco-Friendly Engine

One of the biggest reasons to discontinue the MS290 is that it’s not eco-friendly. Its engine produces more pollutants which harm the environment to a great extent. 

The powered products of the firm are marked with the STIHL Inc. Caring for Nature seal. It serves to identify tools that pollute less or none at all and are more environmentally friendly. Most importantly, the CARB and EPA have specified cleanliness criteria for these standards.

Now that the MS290 has been tested, it has failed to meet the STIHL Inc. Caring for Nature standards. That’s when the company decided to stop the production of the MS290 for the sake of saving nature.

  1. Inefficient Chain Tensioning Mechanism

Another important reason why the MS290 saws have been discontinued is due to their inefficient chain tensioning mechanism.

In fact, this has become a trend in the best chainsaw models today. The MS291 model, for example, has a quick chain tensioning system, an Easy2Start starter, and an extra chain brake.

You’ll find it painless to modify the saw’s cutting power thanks to its quick-tighten mechanism. Also, it allows you to quickly and simply adjust the saw chain tension by twisting the thumb wheel only.

Because of this system, you can quickly adjust chain tension as well as replace the guide bar and chain. Maintaining the chopping components is also made easier if the chainsaw has a rapid chain tension mechanism.

  1. Old-Fashion Engine

Older engines are less fuel efficient and require more maintenance than more recent ones. And the MS290 suffered from this as it lacked the newest engine.

Nearly all of Stihl’s new chainsaws include a fuel-efficient, smooth-running two-stroke stratocharged design engine. Since the MS290 was launched many years ago without one of these engines, the company chose to stop producing it.

  1. Weighty

The weight of the MS290 is 13 lbs. making it hard to maneuver and use comfortably, so Stihl decided to discontinue this model. It’s not the kind of tool you want to be lugging around all day.

In contrast, many other large-sized chainsaws weigh less than 10 pounds. This means they are easier to carry around when you need them on the go!

  1. Power Weight Ratio

Another reason the Stihl discontinued MS290 is that there are newer models that are more worthy in terms of power-to-weight ratio.

For example, there’s a newer version called the MS291 that has a better power-to-weight ratio than its predecessor MS290. This means it’ll be much easier for you to use when doing yard work around your home without feeling exhausted afterwards!

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What is the Best Replacement For the Stihl MS290?

Replacement For Stihl MS290

The MS290 has been replaced with the newer, lighter MS291 model. Although it may not seem like much, the new chassis is about 1 lb lighter, but when you’re out in the field, you’ll notice the difference.

And while the MS290 was a great saw, it was held back by its chain system. However, MS291 comes with a new chain system in place that takes it one step ahead in the race.

The biggest change is that this model has a 2-stroke strato charged designed engine. This means it’s more fuel efficient, generates fewer emissions, and has an increased power-to-weight ratio compared to its predecessor. That’s good for the environment and great for your wallet!

Additionally, the Stihl MS291 C-BE is the upgraded MS291 that includes specific upgraded capabilities. For example, it has an Easy2start system, which makes starting your chain saw easier, quick chain tensioning for ease of tightening as well as a 2nd chain brake.

You can now get MS291 for $489, which is $70 to $80 more expensive than MS290. However, the lightweight chassis, excellent fuel economy, and environmentally friendly engine compensate for the higher cost.

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What Size Bar Can I Put On a Stihl MS290?

Well, a 16-inch to 20-inches bar can be mounted on a Stihl MS290. However, you may mount a 28-inches bar, only if you utilize a skip chain. But keep in mind that the cutting speed won’t be fast.

How Much Horsepower Does an MS 290 Stihl Chainsaw Have?

The MS 290 Stihl chainsaw is a powerful model. It has a 3.8 bhp engine, which means it’s able to cut through branches and other debris with ease.

Does a Stihl ms290 have a Compression release?

A Stihl MS290 does not have a compression release, though it should’ve one. However, compression release is present in pro-line chainsaws.

How many cc is a Stihl 290 farm boss?

The Stihl 290 Farm Boss is 56.5 cc, which is a great size for doing farm work. It’s powerful enough to get your job done!

Final Thoughts

We think now you’re clear about why Stihl discontinued the 290. The bottom line is simple: the 290 is old and outdated technology. The MS290 doesn’t offer anything your current saw doesn’t – except an extra pound of weight, and more pollutants to the environment.

Yes, we don’t deny that the MS290 was a good chain saw, but there are so many more modern choices nowadays like the MS291!

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