Stihl 660 Vs 661: Which Is Better?

Stihl 660 or 661? Which one should I get? The two models are back-to-back. Therefore, choosing between them can be confusing since there are so many similarities. 

Because of this, you’re hellbent on asking which is better between Stihl 660 and 661? Well, based on the features, convenience of use, price and my personal experience Stihl 660 is superior than 661. However, both of the model compete tightly thus its tough to choose the ultimate winner. As a result, I cannot recommend one over the other.

However, I’ll show you a complete side by side comparison so that you can make a rational choice on your own.

Come on in with me, if that appeals!

stihl 660 vs 661 which is better

Comparison Of Specs Between Stihl 660 And 661

Here’s the sneak peak of the difference between Stihl 660 and 661.

Key Factor Stihl MS 660 Stihl MS 661
Weight 7.4 kg 7.39 kg
Engine power 7.1 bhp 7.2 bhp
Displacement 91.6 cc 91.6 cc
Fuel Capacity 27.9 oz 28.7 oz
Guide Bar Length 25 in 16 to 36 in
Bar Length 50/63 cm 71 cm
Chain Oil Capacity 11.5 oz 13.5 oz

Taking On The Ultimate Battle: Which Is Better?

I know you are eagerly waiting for this section, right? So, here I’ll compare two of the models and pick the ultimate winner. 

How will I do this?

So first of all I will count on my personal experience. Second, I will compare the technical differences. And finally features of both and pick the best.

Seems interesting? Let’s begin!

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Technical Differences And Features

So, here I’ll compare and try to illustrate the technical differences between Stihl 600 and 660. And based on the analysis I’ll pick one winner for each feature!

Let’s delve into it!

Technical Difference

1. Weight

Heavyweight or lightweight? What comes to your mind, right off the bat? I know you’ll shoot for lightweight. Why? Because everybody likes things that are lightweight.

And, when it comes to a tool that requires portability and holding for a long time- weight is essential.

However, there’s a catch. Not all the time is lightweight is good, sometimes its blessing and sometimes its curse- all depends on the purpose it’s going to be used!

If you want to cut heavy trees and want to provide professional service, you need a powerful saw with a powerful engine. And, for that automatically the chainsaw would become heavy in weight.

However, I will consider both chainsaws as not for professional use (even if you can use them professionally) and handling light to medium woodworking.

With that in mind, we will consider lower weight to be better. Here are the numbers! The weight of ms 660 is 7.4 kg while the weight of 661 is 7.39 kg. So, you see, both are almost close!

Despite a small fraction, Stihl MS 661 weighs less.

Winner: Stihl ms 661

2. Engine power

This is a crucial feature. Power of an engine largely dictates the performance of any machine.

And, when it comes to a chainsaw the little engine plays a vital role. In order for the saws to rotate, engine power is crucial. Moreover, when it comes to such small handheld tools, the quality needs to be assessed carefully.

Generally, 3-4 HP can comfortably run the chainsaw. Where, these two models has far more than this minimum threshold. So, no objection about that.

In general, higher horsepower is preferred. Fact is Stihl’s horsepower is 7.1 bhp while the horsepower of 661 is 7.2 bhp.

The Stihl 661 is clearly the winner despite the small margin.

Winner: Stihl ms 661

3. Displacement

Here comes an interesting technical feature! An engine’s displacement is an important criterion for determining its quality and performance.

But, what the heck is this displacement? Since pistons move inside cylinders, the engine’s volume changes as they move. Displacement increases as volume changes. In general, the higher the piston’s volume change, the higher its displacement.

And, as a general rule the higher the displacement the higher its horsepower would be.

So, got the importance?

Let’s return to the facts. The displacement of 660 is 91.6 cc while its 91.1 cc for 661.

It’s clear who wins, I think!

Winner: Stihl ms 660

4. Bar Length

Bar length determines how long your chainsaw would be. And, having the right size is crucial to determine the overall length of your chainsaw.

Longer chainsaw generally meant to use for professional purposes. The smallest size is 15-20 inches and the largest is 75 inches. So, you see it all depends on how you are going to use the saw.

Additionally, it depends on the chainsaw type. A gas-powered chainsaw, for example, has a bar length of 16-20 inches, while an electronic chainsaw has a bar length range of 14-16 inches.

In general, gas-powered chainsaws are used to cut down large trees and small to medium trees for cutting with electric chainsaws.

Let’s compare the bar lengths now. Bar length of ms 660 comes with two variety. One is 50 cm and the other is 63 cm. On the other hand, the bar length of Stihl ms 661 is 71 cm.

Since we are considering that the chainsaw will be meant for using for household use. In that case, a medium-length bar would be ideal. Then 660 would be a better choice.

Winner: Stihl ms 660

5. Fuel Capacity

No matter the type of engine in question, fuel capacity is critical. Additionally, adjusting the fuel tank size and maintaining weight is a tough engineering challenge.

Chainsaws are meant for woodworking. Additionally, since it is a handheld device, you will have to carry it around for long periods of time. Therefore, you will need to have a chainsaw with a standard fuel capacity and not overweight.

Anything less than 30 oz. is considered okay. It would be better to have a lighter fuel tanker as we presume its purpose is household use.

The Stihl 660 has a fuel tank capacity of 27.9 ounces, while the 661 has a capacity of 28.6 ounces.

Both chainsaws aren’t exceeding the standard capacity. Thus, higher capacities are preferred in the range.

Winner: Stihl ms 661


6. Adjustable automatic oiler

In order to keep the saw and guide bar in good working order, oil is required regularly. Without an automatic oiler, you would have to do it manually by yourself.

So, you understand what an adjustable automatic oiler does, right? Yes, it saves your time by automatically spraying oil into the appropriate positions. If you had to do it manually, each time your work would be interrupted.

7. Stihl elastostart

This is fantastic feature Stihl integrate into most of their newer models. How does it work?

You won’t enjoy spending a lot of time and effort just to start your chainsaw. The manufacturer understands this.

Elastostart features make it super easy to start the engine by internally functioning various mechanisms.

Do both of the model come with the feature?


Winner: Tie

8. Controlled delivery oil pump

These advanced features only come with MS 660 variant. What is there in the feature?

As you already know the importance of chain oil- it would be easy to understand now. Time to time you to need to apply oil to the chain and bar. 

However, depending on the types of saw and wood to be cut, the requirements of the oil varies. Controlled delivery oil pump is an advanced technology that can automatically identify wood and saw types and apply the appropriate amount of oil required.

The MS 661 does not have these features, but I wish it did.

Winner: Stihl ms 660

9. Stihl anti-vibration system

Chainsaw is a handheld machine and you need to hold it for a long time depending on the type of your woodworking project.

Also, its device is powered by engine backed by a motor that runs chainsaw through rotarty motion.

And, where there is a rotary motion there will be friction. Friction is enough to ruin your woodcutting experience. Specially, friction is especially a major cult for fatigue.

Thankfully, both of the model offers anti-vibration system which is lifesaver for handymens!

Winner: Tie

10. Master control lever

Its what it name suggest- control the major function of the chainsaw through a centrlas control lever.

Through master control lever you can easily access the operation like starting the engine, controlling the throttle, and stopping the engine. How awesome is that?

Unfortunately, Stihl 661 doesn’t offer this feature. Here, stihl 660 is ahead.

Winner: Stihl ms 660

Ultimate Winner

Stihl 660 Vs 661- Ultimate Winner

So, finally who is the ultimate winner? 

Based on the criteria and standards we set to rank this two-

I found that Stihl MS 660 is better than MS 661.

Even so, the 660 is the winner on the basis of features. This model offers features and functionality that will appeal to professionals as well as individuals.

FAQ: Stihl MS 660 Vs MS 661

What Size Bar Can You Put On A 661?

The recommended guide bar length for Stihl ms 661 is 25”. However, you can safely use guide bar length of 16″ to 36″. This is recommended by Stihl itself so there’s nothing to be worried about.

How Many CC Is A Stihl MS 660?

The displacement of Stihl ms 661 is 91.6 cc. The displacement is higher than stihl 661. Displacement is a great technical criteria of powerful engine. The higher the displacement the greater the engine would be.

How Many Hp Is a 660 Stihl?

The engine power of Stihl ms 660 is slightly lower than 661. The model comes with a 7.1 bhp engine. That is almost 7.0 in HP. Considering the chainsaw engine, this model has pretty good power.

How Many Hp Is a 661 Stihl?

The engine power of Stihl’s 661 engine is 7.2 bhp. That means, it would be 7.1 in horsepower. This is fairly enough hp for a chainsaw. A higher horsepower engine, however, would produce more power.

How Big of a Bar Can You Run on a 660 Stihl?

There is a two-bar version of the Stihl 660. There are two versions, one with a 53 cm bar variation and one with a 63cm bar variation.
However, for 660, Stihl doesn’t recommend any specific number or range for bar length.

How Many CC Is A Stihl Ms 660?

The displacement of Stihl ms 661 is 91.1 cc. Displacement of engine is a great feature to asses the performance and quality of engine.

Final Thoughts

So, finally we have got our king! Based on the comparative analysis, I found Stihl ms 660 is superior in terms of feature, price, and convenience of use.

However, 661 never less than anything. As you know, this is a comparative analysis so in most of the factors 661 is very close to 660. 

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